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MOPA Laser Marking Series
Series Introduction

Our MOPA laser marking system has a more diverse application range, wider pulse width range and more flexible than the conventional Q-switch platform. The adjustable pulse width can indirectly affect the peak power, allows MOPA laser marking system to mark on a wide variety range of materials with high contrast results, and vivid colors on stainless steels. Finer Beam quality ensures the best marking results.

Product Features

Pilot Laser

Pilot laser will help you with the alignment process, it can either show a box or the exact contexts that you want to mark on the workpiece.

Focus Finder

Our easy to use focus finder system, enable you to find the correct focal points with no problems, efficient and saves you more time.

EU Certification

To ensure the top quality and satisfactory user experience, our HBS Products fully comply with EU laser safety regulations.

Marking on The Fly

In HBS, we offer solutions to integrate our products into your production line. Easy installation and integration.

HBS Integration Module

In HBS, we strive to make your factory more efficient and smarter, our Software has integrated with SQL database and equipped with additional extension port, makes it possible to communicate with databases and other controlling parts.

Photo Laser Printing

From a simple sentence to a complex photo, our products can mark a perfect result. Our software support image formats, like jpg; bmp; gif; tga; png; tif.

Laser Making Accessories

We offer varieties of marking accessories to support your unique marking needs.

Internal Structure of Supply Unit

All control units of our marking system are well organized and integrated in our supply unit.
Marking Samples

Photo Printing

Color Marking

Color Marking Specs

Industry Application

Mainly used in stainless steel color marking, aluminum oxide black marking, stripping anode, stripping layers, the semiconductor and electronics industries, plastics and other sensitive materials marking, and PVC plastic pipe industry, etc.
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