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Founded in 2001, HBS Tech Co., LTD (HBS) specializes in developing and manufacturing laser system with perfect quality and excellent after-sale service. After years of continuous efforts, we have become one of the largest leading laser equipment suppliers in China. HBS has provided numerous well-known companies with wide-ranging solutions and reliable marking equipment, also provide a sustainable and robust traceability to the industry.

It's our great honor to  share our visions with your esteemed company. Thank you for your interests and trust in our products, your support to our products brings up our confidence, pride and self-realization. HBS always concentrate on products innovating, upgrading, and researching to meet our customers’ needs and satisfaction.

As one of the leading laser marking system manufacturers in China, we have customers all over the world. Laser Source is the most important part in a laser system so that the quality of the laser source will directly affect the marking effects. To ensure the finest laser marking quality, we only partner with the best laser source manufacturer: China Raycus and Germany IPG. 
When it comes to manufacturing, quality always comes first. We choose our supplier very carefully, from the laser source to the galvanometer, from the industrial tablet to a single power button, from the lens to a single screw, from the electric lifting motor to a single USB port. We inspect every detail of our products before we assemble them in our factory, and this is our first step of making sure what we made is precisely what you want.
Today, HBS laser systems are widely used and accepted all over the world, covering Europe, America, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, South Korea, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia, etc. 

After years of innovation and development, we are very confident about our products in China and abroad. We have become one of the leading Chinese marking specialists and will always stand in front of the laser solution industry.

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