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Laser Cleaning System
Series Introduction

Fiber laser cleaning is the process that using fiber laser to removes a surface's impurities, oxides, dust, oil or other materials. The cleaning process is done by using a fiber laser with high repetition rates and high peak powers with short pulses, to remove the top layer but not damaging what is beneath.

Laser cleaning also offers benefits such as a great deal of control over the beam (meaning you can achieve the desired depth that you want to), increased precision and improvements in process speed, so there are many advantages to be considered. That's why it's being introduced to more and more industries and is taking the place of traditional cleaning methods such as dry-ice blasting and media blasting.

Product Features

Efficient and Fast

Efficient and fast, can remove rust on metal parts with various geometries.

Low Maintenance

Industrial laser systems are very low maintenance and have no consumable costs.

Low Energy Consumption

New fiber laser based technologies offer low electrical consumption.
Laser Cleaning Samples

Oxide Removal

Mold Cleaning

Paint Removal

Industry Application

De-coating: remove a layer of material from a surface, e.g. on equipment.
Labelling and marking: cleaning before labelling and marking on metals and plastics.
Historic & art restoration: cleaning the fine layers of dust, grease ect. off paintings & artwork.
Rust removal: removing rust from old steel parts or concrete.
Paint cleaning: the removal of paint from a surface.
Mold cleaning: the cleaning of molds after use, such as baking plates, tire molds, etc.
Railway tracks: removing dirt, grime, wet leaves, etc. for smooth operations.
Preparation treatment: removal of lubricants, contaminants, grease, oils, etc. for surface preparation.
Tool cleaning: you can clean tools with fiber laser easily.
Stone restoration: the cleaning of buildings, ornaments and sculptures that are made of stone.

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