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QR Code Marking Application发布人:HBS Laser      发布时间: 2018-02-02
Laser Marking QR code has the advantages like large storage capacity, high confidentiality, high traceability, strong resistance to damage, cost-efficient, etc., these features are particularly suitable for forms, security, tracking, license, inventory, data backup and so on. This article focused on the application of QR code laser marking traceability system. 
A product wants to establish a complete data traceability system has to achieve two goals. First one is the internal quality control tracing, the second one is the external products tracing.

Internal quality control tracing
Internal quality control tracing can trace every production batches, suppliers, processing flows, defect rates and more. All information can be stored by marking on the products with laser marking machines and can be retrieved through the database system. Once the product has problems, or which supplier does not follow the standardized process, you can see all the details easily.
After processed into finished products, the products are marked again with the unique batches, tamper-proof, permanent QR code, and store them into the database through the visual recognition system, combined with the external product tracing system.
External product traceability
External product tracing is mainly used by the customer to check the authenticity of the product, acquire information like the origin of the product, production date, and other details. Currently, external product tracing is being used in food industry, medical industry, industrial electronics and many other industries.

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