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Remote Laser Litter Removal Device发布人:      发布时间: 2019-06-27

With the pressing of the remote laser litter remover button, foreign objects such as kites and plastics wound on the high-voltage line will gradually melt away. The application of the remote laser litter remover marks a major breakthrough in the field of litter removal technology for transmission lines.

The working principle of remote laser litter remover is to cut or remove the high-altitude litters with a controllable laser to realize remote and non-contact operation. It has the characteristics of safe, efficient, no heavy machinery required. Next, remote laser litter remover can also be used to remove the honeycomb. No need for personal climbing the tower, very convenient, time-saving and cost-saving and very efficient.


In terms of safety, the remote laser litter remover has a unique intelligent beam energy management control mechanism, which can output a laser beam of appropriate energy according to the surface characteristics of the target wire, and remove the litter without damaging the wire. At the same time, the device also has a complete security management control mechanism, which can cooperate with the security management system through technical means such as GPS full-track tracking, fingerprint login, remote authorization, emergency stop light-out, etc., to realize all-round management of the device.


In Handan City, it was found that the wires between the two towers of a 220 kV line on the main road were wrapped with litters, kites, and plastic sheets. Which can easily cause phase-to-phase short circuit under the action of wind, causing the whole transmission line system to shutdown. Since the main roads has a very large traffic volume in Handan City, and due to the weather condition,  it is difficult to remove the litters by the conventional working method. The staff enabled the remote laser litter remover to successfully remove the litter in only 20 minutes without damaging the wire.

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